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Want to create a BUNCH more space in your day and in your head for growing your business?

👉Close out your email tab, and only check it a couple of times a day--2 is the goal, but you can start with more and wean yourself down if you need to :).

Most of us are in our inboxes ALL THE TIME, from the moment we roll over to turn off the alarm (and then our fingers go immediately to the mail app & the Facebook app).

Why change that? Because like with turning off social media notifications, closing out email means you are happening TO your day and acting on purpose with your goals, rather than letting everyone else’s priorities and random thoughts and distractedness dictate your day, leaving you looking up at the end going, what did I actually accomplish today?!?

💥Open up that email tab on your computer 2x per day, respond, handle, and archive as needed, then GET OUTTA THERE. CLOSE. X it out. Done.

You can make this transition easier on the people around you (if you feel you need to) by setting expectations that you’re doing this.

➡️For example, if you need to let people know that you’re not immediately available anymore, put an out of office reply in that says you’re busy working on your priorities and that, in order to do that, you’re now only checking email at 10 (after you’ve already put in focused time in the morning on your creative/most important tasks) & 4 pm (to catch anything that might have come in during the day before you shut it down).

Doing this will clear up sooooooo much time in your day and in your head, you won’t even believe it!

Are you willing to try it? Or are you already doing this, and if so, what’s been the result?