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When you're working on replacing your income, sometimes it can seem confusing, overwhelming, or like it might never happen. 🤷

You might doubt your strategy, the process, or yourself.

But, anytime you're afraid of not successfully replacing your income and being solidly out the 9-5 world for good, you can come back to this:

➡️ It starts by making the choice.

You get to make the choices that determine the outcomes you experience in life. Choice is solidly in your control.

That's the lesson I taught my friend Srini, which he shared in his article, The Life Changing Advice of 100 Insanely Interesting People []

Here it is:
🔥"29. Emotional resilience gets built by the choices we make in our moments of tragedy and adversity

It’s up to us to decide if something is going to make us or break us. We may not able to change an event or circumstance. But we can choose how we respond. It’s up to us whether we’re informed or defined by adversity."🔥

Being unfulfilled and frustrated by the work you do day in and day out IS a form of adversity.

And because I started by making the choice that I was going to change my situation and my career to do work I love AND help others do the same, now that's exactly what I do every day, and I'm getting featured alongside other world-changers like Seth Godin, Danielle LaPorte, Tim Ferris, Glenn Beck, Sally Hogshead, Todd Herman, Jeff Goins, and Adam Grant.

So check with yourself. Have you really, deeply made the choice that you WILL do this? That comes BEFORE figuring out the "hows"--those will come. It all starts with that choice, so comment below and let me know you've done it!

And if you haven't yet listened to my interview with Srini on The Unmistakable Creative podcast, you can do that here to learn how to be more successful and resilient today.


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