Happy Freedom Friday!🎉

Today, we're highlighting my exceptional client and friend Heather R. Huhman!

When Heather and I started working together, she had a successful company of her own that wasn't fulfilling her anymore, and it's been my pleasure to support her as she's bravely moved out of it (kinda like quitting a 9-5 that she created!) and into her true passion, filling a coaching practice for women experiencing infertility! She's also the host of the very popular podcast Beat Infertility and an absolute EXPERT in her field.

In fact, she has a publishing deal and is writing a future bestseller on beating infertility as we speak! I LOVE helping women like Heather to step into their true callings and do work they love every day!

Check out Heather & her work at https://heatherhuhman.com/


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