Today I'm taking a moment to shout out my AMAZING client and friend Sherry Parks!

Sherry is a badass in the kindest, most loving sense of the word <3

She's featured in The Income Replacement Formula--she's the former CFO who courageously quit her lucrative job to pursue what she knew she was REALLY meant to do.

She is the epitome of a coach who supports her clients to astounding results and I'm so excited for the women she's helping in her new money mindset program, because she has one of the very best I've ever seen--and has since she was a teenager! #superpower

She sold out her beta program with ease because she's owned that a big part of her life's work is to help other women heal their relationships with money and ease the stress and fear that so many feel. Thank you for doing this important work, Sherry!


One of my favorite things is meeting my beautiful clients in person and that's what I got to do with Sherry in Colorado last summer, for a luxury private VIP intensive day.

Turns out Sherry and I like the same type of wine, (of course-- a creamy, oaky, buttery Chardonnay) and we discovered a new favorite that day!

I'm so proud of Sherry and the steps she's boldly making to live her dream life--including fulfilling her dream of MOVING TO THE BEACH soon!