An income replacement case study: my beautiful client Andrea from Bolivia shared with us in The Income Replacement Formula:

"I was going into my second year as a single mom and the money I was earning wasn’t enough to cover my family’s needs. I was looking for a way to not only create another source of income in addition to my full-time job, but also create something around coaching (which is my passion), that could in the short- term become my full-time practice.

I was feeling very frustrated because I felt that I wasn’t making any progress in my professional life, mostly because I often became distracted by other shiny business opportunities that would take my focus away from coaching. I also felt that I wasn’t ready and that I wasn’t good enough to start coaching. I also didn’t have a clear idea of what type of coaching I would focus on."

Let’s face it; it takes courage to make ONE decision and stick with it long enough to get enough traction to take off. It’s understandable that fear might be preventing you from making that one strategic decision.

Maybe you’re afraid to:
 🤔 choose one business idea to focus on
 🤔 pick a way to market it
 🤔 choose a package or a price
 🤔 invest in yourself to get coaching support
 🤔 make the leap and quit your job

It’s possible that either FOMO or your fear of choosing wrong is keeping you stuck, preventing you from growing your dream business.

Let’s follow the logic: If you don’t decide, you won’t actually do ANYTHING, right? 

Deciding moves you forward. 

Let’s move you forward, so that you, too, can have results like Andrea did, once she decided to get support:

"...so far I have three coaching clients, I have a captive audience who watches me weekly, and I am starting to be known as a coach.

My success with Christine goes beyond tangible results, because she helped me reprogram several of my limiting beliefs around money and success, and made me feel incredibly comfortable in my own power."
 How about you?
 Can you relate? 
 Are you struggling to choose one of the things from the list above?