We’re breaking down the most popular myths I see holding high-achievers like YOU back from running a business doing what you love, and making great, income-replacing (and then some!) money doing it.

👉Myth #2: “There are so many people already doing what I’m thinking about doing, and they’re much farther along--there’s no point. There’s no room for me.”

It’s true that when we get fired up about an idea, a lot of times, the first thing we do is go to our social media platform of choice and start looking at how other people are doing it. But what winds up happening is that we see their number of followers, how long they’ve been doing it, or how many awesome offers they have, and we get overwhelmed and spiral down into feeling too far behind to even start.

Sound familiar?

This might sound cheesy, but the thing to remember here is that EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of those people started with exactly zero followers and zero dollars made in their business.

How did they get where they are, that place where you would love to be but are doubting whether it’s possible?

They STARTED to literally take one baby step at a time (any fellow “What About Bob?” fans here?), got and remained consistent, and gave themselves permission to figure it out along the way.

And the truth is, if you’re passionate about something, there’s a REASON you have that passion. There is a reason that you, with all your strengths, “opportunities for growth,” and quirky weirdness, are wanting to build a business around that thing, right here, and right now.

What you have to share has already been shared--so has what I share, because there’s nothing new under the sun (so stop putting pressure on yourself to come up with it!).

But my clients work with me because of the way I present the information they want, and support them in implementing it--and so will yours.

Do you believe it?