Did you know most of what you’ve been taught about how to replace your income is actually a MYTH?

Let’s break down the most popular myths I see holding high-achievers like YOU back from running a business doing what you love, and making great, income-replacing (and then some!) money doing it.

👉Myth 1: “I have to know exactly what I’m going to do before I start.”

If we’re being honest, most of us are looking for the security of a 5 year plan of how things are going to play out before we get started.

We put pressure on ourselves to find that ONE THING that we will be doing for-EVER, our life’s work, our purpose, our calling.

But the truth is, we don’t have the clarity for that yet, because clarity comes from taking action, not from endlessly ruminating about it in our own heads.

Listen, Life With Passion is my 4th successful business. It’s not the one that got me out of my job--starting a digital marketing agency did. And that served a wonderful purpose in my life at the time--replacing my income in the first month, getting me FREEEEEEE from the soul-sucking job, helping a lot of wonderful clients get amazing results, honing my coaching skills, teaching me what I did and didn’t like about business...the list goes on.

I started with what I had in front of me and I did that, and did it well, until it became clear what my next iteration was.

You have permission to start with what you know TODAY. Guess what? You already know enough to be able to replace your income with it.

It might feel like it, but even IN a 9-5, there’s no actual security or 5-year plan, right? That doesn’t exist. So stop waiting for it to and start giving yourself permission to make money NOW, with what you know, trusting that the clarity will follow as you take action.

Have a question or thought about this? Have you found this belief in yourself?