The 1st Core “C” of my 6-figure business is Coaching.

This is where I deliver my services and where the majority of my income comes from. If you’re not a coach, just substitute in whatever else your biggest money-making task is (designing websites, managing social media accounts, selling products, etc.)

This “C” comes first because happy clients are kinda the whole point, right? So my #1 priority is supporting them. And guess what? It’s WAY cheaper and easier to re-sign an existing client than to bring on new ones, and satisfied clients re-sign. I prioritize these relationships first and show up for them 100%.

What did I do before I had a full roster of paying clients, you might wonder?

I’m so glad you asked! 😊

I served and honed my coaching skillz by offering free coaching calls, where I’d help potential clients get clarity on the next best step for them in their business right then, and after I helped them, if I thought they were someone I could help further, I offered them my paid services.

This worked super-well to get my name out there, connect me to potential clients, get me clear on the themes that were showing up over and over for my peeps, and build my confidence that I could, in fact help them with ease.

Do you know what your biggest income-producing task is? Do you offer free versions of what you get paid to do? What does this first C look like for you?