Today, it’s my privilege to share with you my incredibly talented client Jamie J. Johnson.

For decades, Jamie had a dream and a desire to build her own business as a career counselor, which she has practiced for many years and is extremely skilled and gifted in doing. She even owned the domain name paths2take.com for many years, but never launched her website--until now!

As she shared in "The Income Replacement Formula

“Many years ago, I had tried to start my own private practice but some things happened and I ended up going back into the full-time world of higher education. Then, 2017 was a very difficult year. Several major life changes happened within a couple of months of each other including my job of 6 years ending. I was lost. I had no idea what I was to do except start looking for similar jobs.

I learned I could reach out via social media and share what I am doing. Through posts via LinkedIn and Facebook I started receiving support and interests...I started getting potential clients contacting me.”

Now, through our work together, Jamie is working with more private clients than ever before!

I’m so impressed with how she’s courageously started a second chapter as an entrepreneur, using her Zone Of Genius to provide life-changing support for clients in high school, college, recent grads, and those who are making career transitions themselves to help them discover and explore their own career paths.

Pretty cool, right?