Happy Freedom Friday!

Today, I'm celebrating my beautiful client and friend Kalila Bodden, MD, and Freedom Lifestyle Coach!

Kalila walked away from lucrative careers in medicine and insurance to create the business of her dreams, one where she works part-time, takes amazing care of her health, and has plenty of time for walking on the white sand beach with her pup, Hershey.

From her fabulous home on tropical, luxurious Grand Cayman (HELLOOOOO!), Kalila supports her clients at a super-high level to help them create their own versions of a freedom lifestyle!

As she shared in my book "The Income Replacement Formula,"

"With my online coaching business, I am now able to travel with my husband on trips around the globe, as well as visit family in different countries (it’s like getting paid to go on vacation!).

Nothing makes me happier than being able to coach clients from the comfort of my own home or while visiting exotic destinations.

Because coaching doesn’t feel like ‘work’, I am in love with what I do and am always excited to turn on the laptop each morning to see who has booked calls and coaching sessions with me that day." 👏🙌👩‍🎤