"Did I do my hair for this?"

Do you remember that country song, "Did I shave my legs for this?" 😂

I had that experience yesterday. 

Weeks ago, I'd made plans to meet in person with a major mover & shaker in the Louisville entrepreneur scene who I was excited to get to know better. 

This required getting ready (hair + makeup), getting Fi up early and off to school, and blocking out the morning on my calendar, and an hour round trip--all of which, with 25 hours a week of child care and a full schedule of clients, is a big commitment for me. 

I made it there early, got my tea, settled in, and then got a message from her that she'd forgotten to tell me she was out of town selling her products on QVC (told you, she's a big deal :)).

Now, I had a choice in that moment. I could have felt stressed over the lost hours that I could have used to prep for my upcoming launch, or a million other things, OR I could choose to believe there was a reason it worked out this way.

Because of the mindset work I've done and the way I've transformed my thinking, I chose the latter. 

I reminded myself, "Everything works out perfectly for me," I got back in the car, and I drove home, breathing deeply, enjoying the quiet, coming up with content ideas, and arriving home happy and joyful.

Now, this might seem like a trivial example, but it addresses one issue I think a lot of us feel as we're building businesses, especially on the side of a job--that we feel there's not enough time, and that time is out of our control.


And that's SO so key to remember when the twists and turns of business-building happen (just as they do in life).

So think about the last thing that you were stressing over because it felt out of your control or didn't work out the way you were expecting.

How can you bring positive meaning to it, lighten your stress load, and move forward toward your income goals?

This is one of the things I LOVE to support my clients with, so if you have an example you'd like to get my help re-framing to a positive, share it below!