Let's break down the biggest reason you might be feeling stuck on your goal of building a business you love and getting the freedom you crave:

As high-achievers, we typically expect to be able to figure anything we want out, because we always have. We expect achievements and accomplishments to come relatively easily to us, because we know we’ll put in the work required, and we’ve always been recognized for being capable and competent, more so than most.

And I can hear myself several years ago in the words of so many high-achievers I talk to--we expected to be more successful by now, not in the job that seems to be slowly sucking the life out of us, but in our freedom-based dream life.

We expected to be HAPPIER, earning lots of money on our own terms, having all the time we wanted to travel, pamper ourselves and our families, and do the things we love outside of work as well.

What’s missing? What have we always had to accomplish those goals that’s lacking now? 

A road map. A clear plan AND the accountability to reach it. Whether a teacher, professor, parent, or boss, within the structure we’ve always been able to thrive.

But then when we try to start our own businesses without either of those things (and with an insane amount of noise online about all the possibilities of what you could or SHOULD be doing), then it’s no wonder we get overwhelmed. Doubtful. Scared. In our heads. And ultimately, stuck, either doing all the things, or none of the things, and in either case, not getting the results or the happiness we crave.

Now, I share this with you because I want you to know it’s NOT something wrong with YOU that you are feeling overwhelmed or like all you want is just a clear plan, so you can go do it already! In fact, EVERY high-achiever I’ve ever met (and I’ve met thousands) feels the same. 

The good news is, this doesn’t have to continue. You CAN get unstuck and start to make real, tangible progress toward your dream life and business NOW.

In fact, there’s a simple solution to get there: 

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Get someone who’s been there to hold your hand and kick your butt ;) to carry it out. This has been the absolute keystone not only for myself in building a thriving 6-figure business, but also for my clients all over the world, of whom over 75% have quit their jobs and stayed out of them as the result of our work together (and counting!)

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