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️MOTIVATION MONDAY: "The core question people ask when they pay money is: "What problem can you solve that nobody else can solve?" -Perry Marshall

Do you know the answer to this key question in your business?

For me, it's that I've helped more people quit and stay out of 9-5s than anyone else I know. Hands down.

When I was starting my business and working with my first few clients, before that was true, though, I knew that taking a STAND for women who wanted to quit and find what they loved OR make a struggling business work so they could stay out was my jam. Period.

So what problem can YOU solve that no one else can solve? Do you know? If so, share with us below!

If you don't know, don't beat yourself up over it--just spend a few minutes reflecting (I always find journaling really helpful for this) and then come back here with any questions or insights!

That reflection time is going to pay dividends in clarity or an awareness of where to focus your attention to get that clarity so that you, too, can answer this question with ease!