"Skills are cheap, passion is priceless." -Gary Vaynerchuk

Kind of shocking, right? The opposite of how we're normally taught, but I believe it (hello, I named my business Life With Passion!).


Because as high-achievers, we can learn to do just about ANYTHING. But the important part is that we have to WANT to, and be willing to get out of our comfort zones, try something new, and move through the fear and discomfort in order to do so.

And that requires being passionate enough about something that your excitement overrides your fear and you show up anyway.

This applies to all the big milestones in business:

Getting that first client
Quitting your job
Writing the book
Hiring a mentor
Making your first 6 figures

And the smaller, daily ones like:

Offering your services
Following up
Tweaking your sales process to increase conversions
Building a community

Do you agree? Have you found this to be true? Or do you have questions about whether this is REALLY true for you, too?