Have you ever heard the saying, "New level, new devil?"

While that might be true, I think there's a ton of truth to the saying "new level, same devil!"

❣️Whether thinking about starting a side business, quitting a job, replacing your income, or scaling beyond it, we tend to have the same patterns show up at each new level--fear, procrastination, overwhelm, avoidance, control issues...

➡️For me, money beliefs are SO key, and the same negative ones keep cropping up at each new level (sometimes cleverly disguised for me to THINK I'm dealing with something new, but really, it's the same old ).

Our choice is that we can either make ourselves wrong for not having "fixed" our mindset yet, or welcome the work that's popping up for us to clear so that we can take our business to that next level, that next goal!

How about for you? What beliefs have you noticed stubbornly showing up and resisting being cleared, and how do you move through them?