I remember the call from my mom, 17 years ago.️

She called to tell me that I was the same age as she was when she'd gotten married, 10 days before her 20th bday, and asked me, "Can you imagine that?"

At the time I actually could, because that's what I'd heard my whole life, and that's the picture I'd had painted for me (and I had the PERFECT guy to do it with and I was in LOOOOVE). I was jealous and wondering why that wasn't happening for ME because it seemed to be the perfect, dream life for me at the time! That was what I sought to create at the time because it was normal, safe.

But ohhhh myyyyy...that life is a far cry from what my life is now, a far cry from what I'd want it to be!

One of my affirmations is "Everything works out perfectly for me." And I love the Tony Robbins quote, "Life is happening FOR you, not TO you."

I'm so grateful for the life I have today and for the heartbreak I experienced to get me here.

You see, I championed that boyfriend's dreams, content to be the woman behind the man at that time (I even coached him later to quit his 9-5 and start his own company; one of my early success stories . He's still running that successful business today.)

I would NOT be running Life With Passion if we were together. I would not be pursuing my dreams, living in my Zone of Genius, and helping women around the world to do the same, if I'd gotten what my 19-year-old self thought she needed.

And so I'm grateful because I can see in hindsight how everything was working out perfectly for me.

Can you relate to this? What seemed really hard at the time in your life but turned out to be a big ole' blessing?