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Repurpose EVERYTHING!!!! 😃

It's likely that if you're creating any content, you're creating too much.📝

That's right.

Every piece of content you create can be turned into several other pieces.🤯

For instance, a livestream can become a newsletter, an article, a blog post, and several text FB posts.

Several FB posts can become an article, a livestream, a newsletter, and a blog post.

See what I mean?

Don't worry about your audience hearing the same thing more than once. If they love you, they don't mind at all (think about your own influencers and if you care when you see the same thing from them in 2 different places. See what I mean?)

Repurpose, and you will create more time and energy for other things in your business, while remaining consistent in front of your audience! 👍

Now tell us, do you do this, and if so, how?

Or is repurposing something you're going to dive into?