Batch-create your content!

Start out by creating all of your FB group content (or whatever platform you're using consistently) once a week, then pre-scheduling it if possible (if not possible on your platform, keep it all in a Google Doc for easy copying & pasting each day).

This strategy eliminates the daily pressure and stress of "What am I going to say today?!?" and allows you to be consistently present for your tribe while you're off doing other things, no matter what happens in your life during the week!

Then all you have to do is go in once a day and respond to any comments or questions that have come in since you were last present. EASY-PEASY!

This creates SO much more space in your mind and on your calendar for creativity, inspiration and enjoyment of your business!

If you think "I don't have time," try flipping that around and telling yourself "I actually don't have time to do it daily," because it's going to SAVE you so much time and energy to do this once a week!

Now tell us, is this a strategy you use (and if so, how do you like it?), or is it one you're going to try out?