If you're still in a 9-5 job and aren't living your dream, my encouragement to you today is to look for ways to be grateful for the opportunities you have there.

Network with colleagues and start making a list of those who might be ideal clients for you!

Take advantage of lunch breaks to work on your side hustle :)

Find things to be grateful for, like:

✅You're in a job and you can make a plan and build that side hustle while you're still getting that paycheck.

✅Every day, you're learning more and more about how to be a successful business owner, and about what you don't want to do and what you do!

✅You can start developing the mindset of an entrepreneur before you dive in full-time, so there will be less of a stressful transition when you do!

What else can you find to be grateful for about your 9-5, or how did you view it before you quit?