I've had pleeeeenty of no-shows while building my business (truth--everyone has. It's not you, it's them ).

And, while it's a huge value of mine that I keep my appointments and expect others to do the same, there are times when I've rescheduled.

When there's some kind of extenuating exception or circumstance, like:

✅Time change mix-ups (working with women on 5 continents, you run into this at LEAST 2x a year! 🤣)
✅Some kind of unforeseen circumstance, like sickness, a last-minute work trip popping up
✅When there's a genuine apology for the missed call (this happened once with someone who became an immediate pay-in-full client when we did reschedule!)
✅Other reasons at my discretion, using my intuition

If someone just forgot, and didn’t prioritize, that’s ok for them, but it tells me something about how they work, and that they're not going to be my person, because it's usually typical of a pattern that will likely continue if they were to become my client, and that means we're not a good fit.

That said, it's MY business and I get to decide if and when I reschedule.

The important part is coming from a place of power and choice, not desperation that we have to be available for someone who might not be a good fit just because they booked a call with us once and that means they're a warm lead, even if they flaked. If that's the case, time to do some mindset work around your ability to create what you desire.

Does this sound like your policy? How is yours similar or different?

Or, will you take this to guide your own decisions in the future?