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How to deal with no-shows in a positive way!!!

Don’t be sad, be glad!


When this happens, say a thank you that you’ve ruled out someone who is not an ideal client for you.

As long as it's in my ability, I would NEVER no-show on someone (Seriously. I had an appointment the night I found out Maeve died and I had my husband let them know I wouldn’t be able to make it while I was being admitted to the hospital.) It's a HUGE value of mine.

So, what do I, and what can you, do instead of getting bummed, slamming your computer in frustration, and heading into desperation mode?

Say a prayer of thanks and gratitude that you now have that half-hour or hour totally dedicated to work on your business and on creating more clients who WILL value your time and your expertise!️

Get to work--send those emails, create those posts or newsletters, send some follow-ups, and you'll be back to feeling hopeful, anticipatory, motivated and inspired about all of the new clients coming your way in no time!

What do you think? Is this a strategy you've tried before, or one you want to implement?