"I can feel my outlook changing. Today I felt like I entered the world where I haves students!"

It's my joy to receive messages like this from clients.

After literally decades of feeling stuck in how to bring their unique gifts to the world, within 2 sessions this client felt confident, had a clear plan, and was energized to carry it out, because we created it in a laser-focused way that was also full of laughter and fun.

Honestly, this is typical. Why?

Because my Zone of Genius is helping you quickly step into--and make money in--yours.

It's a skillset I've honed over years as a university professor, career counselor, marketing consultant for small businesses, as well as coaching women around the world since 2015.

You know me, I'm not a bragger, but I AM super-clear on the value I provide, how I show up for my clients, and that this is my life's work & calling, and I want you to know what's possible for you, too.

I have 2 spots coming open to work with me for 6 months to transform your life by building a business you love.

If you're feeling inspired and want to talk about whether this is right for you, email me and we can set up a time to chat <3.