Lately I've studied a bunch of webinars and offers from big-time influencers--you know the kind, with huge audiences and followings, promising huge results like they've achieved if only you follow their system (and buy their program).

And here's the super-simple question I've distilled from them, that you can take and apply to anything you're considering investing in:

Are they teaching REAL, replicable results or just what happens with massive amounts of traffic?

When the results are mainly based on the fact that someone has 200,000 email subscribers or a million Instagram followers, THIS IS REPRESENTATIVE OF WHERE THEY ARE IN BUSINESS TODAY, not of what will happen overnight if you sign up for their course.


Someone talking about how they got a multi-6-figure book deal. Having talked to big-time agents and publishers recently, I know that this is MAINLY based not on the book itself, but on the size of your existing audience (and thus, your ability to sell a certain number of books yourself, without the publisher having to go market you).

🤨Someone saying Instagram is THE tool to use to blow up your business (and you should buy their training program) when they were already a 7-figure business owner BEFORE they started using Insta, so they already had a huuuuuuge built-in audience and were a celebrity in their niche (plus had a team to help them maximize it).

Listen. There is definitely a place and purpose for these teachings--they show us what's possible. They allow us to work with and learn from (usually in a very distant or info-product way) with influencers we admire. And don't get me wrong, I'm always paying attention to the next level in business because I know that one day, I'll be there too.

BUT, where I see it being a problem is when these become shiny objects become THE thing that will FIX your business, if only you buy it.

Don't buy the hype. Take a step back and look at what's REALLY going on. Ask questions like:

Why/how did this person find success when they were at the same stage of business as me?

Are they enough like me, my niche, and my goals that
I know this program, course, etc. will translate well for my business?

Am I already at a place where I'm confident enough in my business that I know exactly how to:

✅Get visible in my niche (because you're super clear on who that is)
✅Make offers consistently (because you know exactly how you serve)
✅Sell with ease (because you're confident in your ability to deliver results)

If the answer to any of those is "no," then get support on THOSE things BEFORE investing in a program that will help you to replicate exactly the results you're getting now, only on a larger scale.

Have you found this to be true in your business and as you look around at similar offers?