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"The ego always speaks in worst-case scenarios, pretending to be your intuition warning you about a dire future." -Doreen Virtue, 10 Messages Your Angels Want You To Know

Did you catch that?

SO often on this business-building journey, our fears keep us stuck. Fears of failure, fears of success, fears of losing people in our lives, fears of criticism, of being laughed at or ridiculed, fears of missing out (FOMO :)).

This is such a craaaaaazy-powerful shift to recognize--that it's actually our unhelpful ego that's masquerading as our intuition to try to keep us safe (because safe=same)--it's the voice of FEAR, not of love.

SO MANY FEARS! Which versions do you recognize parading around in your head?

I can identify EVERY SINGLE DANG one of these in my own head :). Whew, it's busy up there!!! With consistent mindset work, accountability, and support, though, I have learned to recognize them quicker and quicker, and also to do the inner AND outer work necessary to move through them at each level.

How do YOU overcome or work through them, or what questions do you have about how to do so?