Every Olympics, I reflect on the 3 month-long stints I spent in Sochi, London, and Salt Lake, helping produce the television coverage for all countries and all sports.

Before I left for Russia, I got many requests from friends and family not to go out of fears for my safety. In typical Christine-style, I ignored them, even traveling by myself all that way :)

In Sochi, I worked with an all-Russian crew (some of them pictured). I got to work overnight shifts where I got to ask them what life was like for their parents behind the Iron Curtain, what it was like for them to grow up in a new democracy, and what things were the same.

And in that sameness there was SUCH common ground.

To arrive in a country where you literally can't read or understand anything and to leave with new friends and a deep understanding that regardless of location or politics, there really is so much more that binds us together than what we perceive to be different about us...

...well, that laid the groundwork for Life With Passion to be founded the very next year on that commonality.

I work with clients on 5 continents and there are women from dozens of countries right here, in this group.

Thank you for being a part of this movement to bring the world closer together, one person at a time! <3

Now I'd love to hear from you--when have you found common ground in your travels or experiences?