My grandma "Tee," a Saks model/Harvard science fellowship science recipient/active politician, died when she was just 10 years older than me, long before I was born.️

Before she passed, she gifted her son, my dad, a lifetime membership to National Geographic for his college graduation. Every time I visit my parents, I learn.

And this month's issue, appropriate to our recent discussion, is all about...BIRDS!

In the article are so many birds I've never seen (link in comments), and so many reasons birds are important to our lives as we know it!

So whether you love birds or not, let's celebrate the LEGACY of those who've gone before us, the paths they've paved, the gifts they've left us.

Let's show how thankful we are for them and the stories they created in their time here.

Whose legacy, in your family or someone you admire from afar, are you thankful for today?