I believe God uses our businesses to heal us.

Lately I've been noticing a theme with many of my clients: they're coming face-to-face with exactly what's been holding them back (it's always something different than they thought), and deciding to heal that piece and move to the next level.

And when they do? The results are almost immediate--more clients, more money, more confidence, more joy.

And as I've reflected on these massive shifts, I've come to believe that God uses our desires to grow our businesses and live our dreams as the exact avenue to heal us...

...or, as one of my clients says, to help us rediscover and remember who we really are.

While I've always loved personal development, I know that my own inner work has deepened SO MUCH with the help of the right coach and with realizations that it's not JUST the actions that will bring you results, as much as I wanted it to be :)

Instead, it's the going inward and dealing with the beliefs (I can't be have a super-successful business and a happy family) and blocks (I have to work super hard to make money) that were holding me back so that I could go to the next level in my business.

I know my clients and I are not alone here, so I'd love to hear if you've found this to be true in your life and business?