Thinking about adding a new strategy or offer to your business?

Before you do, ask yourself these 2 questions:

1. "Have I already maximized what's working?"

Here's what I mean:

➡️Are you feeling clear and confident, or are you feeling scattered and maybe even a little desperate? Which is driving this new direction?
➡️Do you know where your leads and clients have come from, and are you focusing on being consistently visible on that platform?
➡️Have I gotten testimonials and am I consistently using them as social proof?

2. "Are there parts of my process that need to be strengthened?"

For example, if you aren't selling what you're offering, before you go and create a whole new offer, figure out WHY you're not selling.

For instance:

➡️Are you clear that this is what your niche wants and needs?
➡️Are you comfortable with every part of the selling process?
➡️Are you making offers consistently?
➡️Are you getting customers or clients to buy repeatedly from you?

If one or more of these things isn't happening, the you have an opportunity to tweak those before you go create some whole new product or service in hopes that it will be the thing that fixes everything--because if you don't, that same issue will still be present with your new offering.

So what do you think? Have you ever created something out of desperation or in an attempt to fix a different part of your process? Or, do you think that might be what's going on for you right now?