"What a great gift we've been given--ourselves. To listen to ourselves, to trust instinct and intuition, is to pay tribute to that gift.

What a disservice not to head the leadings and leanings that so naturally arise from within. When will we learn that these leadings and leanings draw us into God's rich plan for us?

We will learn. We will learn by listening, trusting, and following through. What is it time to do?...What do I need to do to take care of myself?...What a I being led to do?...What do I know?

Listen, and we will know. Listen to the voice within.

Today, I will listen and trust. I will be helped to take action when that is needed. I can trust myself and God."

I LOVE this passage from Melody Beattie's The Language of Letting Go (anyone else read this book?).

So many of us are so busy intently doing, doing, doing that we don't close our eyes, ask for guidance, and listen. This is the most loving thing you can do on this day of love <3

What are you hearing? Will you follow through on that?