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TIP: What's the best way to hold yourself accountable?

Be accountable to someone other than yourself.

Seriously, how GOOD are we at talking ourselves out of what we promised to do yesterday or even this morning?

(ex. I'm DEFINITELY not going to eat any cookies forward 8 hours...DANG. I DEFINITELY won't eat any cookies TOMORROW.🤣)

And the same is true in business whenever we come across something new and/or uncomfortable and/or scary.

For example:

➡️I'm TOTALLY going to do that Facebook Live today.
➡️I'm going to pitch on that free call I have tomorrow..
➡️I'm finally going to create my opt-in/set up my landing page/send a sales newsletter this week.
➡️This is the month I'll put my new offer out there!

Listen, I've heard it all, and I know we're all very well-intentioned, but our own doubts/blocks/fears get in the way when we're left to our own devices, and trying to do something we've never done before (and be perfect at it the first time, right? :D)!

So what do we do?

Personally, I used to try to use my mastermind partners for accountability, but that didn't work for me. We had no skin in the game and so it was easy to reschedule calls in favor of client calls or life, and/or to let each other slide because we were friends.

The fastest way to get where you want to be, and accomplish the goals you want to accomplish, is to make it hard for you if you don't. Get someone who will really hold your feet to the fire and won't let you get away with excuses to yourself anymore.

This has changed everything for me.

➡️I wanted to get my book done? I hired an editor. After 14 months, it was done WITHIN A WEEK.
➡️I wanted to figure out what wasn't working in my business & why after doing ALL THE STRATEGY in the world? I hired a 1:1 coach who I knew would go deep with me and help me sort it out.
➡️I wanted to give up sugar? I hired Sherry Parks to help me through a cleanse (because my husband and I are totally going to talk ourselves into ALL THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS after a long day of work and parenting).

See what I mean? The right kind of accountability is a TOTAL GAME-CHANGER.

Now share with us, have you tried this kind of accountability, and what's been the result? Or how do you hold yourself accountable?