I was talking with one of my clients recently about a trend that she was experiencing, and it was this:

When you get into a place of fear and desperation, that’s when things slow down.

When you get into a place of hope and faith and expectation, that’s when you get clients.


I can totally remember a time in my coaching business where I felt desperate for clients and money. It was super-stressful and I was anxious all the time. And guess what? That didn't help me get clients, in fact, it made it harder for me to get clients, because likely, they could smell my desperation when we'd chat on the phone!

You know what DID help me get clients with ease, even though it seemed totally counter-intuitive to me at the time? To relax. To enjoy. To journal, meditate, tap, and learn to trust rather than trying to control everrrryyyyyythinnggggg. To ask what would be the most FUN thing I could do to build my business, and give myself permission to just.do.that and believe that it would be enough.

Have you dipped your toe in the trust pool yet?