Happy New Year's Eve!!

Over the holidays we've been talking about how to use CELEBRATING to grow your business!

Today, we're talking about how sharing your celebrations is validation and social proof to your future clients!!!

When you share a win like:

  • you just got a new client

  • an amazing testimonial from someone you helped (free or paid)

  • you just launched or updated your website or program

  • you are celebrating your first $1k, $2k, or $5k month

You're not only inspiring others with what's possible as we discussed yesterday, but you're also providing a tangible example, both to your own brain and also to the people who are watching and thinking about working with you, that your business is WORKING!

People buy from those they know, like, and trust. Social proof is an important part of this equation, meaning, your potential customers are seeing that others are trusting you, whether by investing their time in a free call with you, or on one of your products, or on your 6-month program--it ALL matters, it all adds up, because it makes it easier for them to trust you, too!

What "a-has" come to mind that you could be sharing and celebrating to provide validation and social proof in your business right now?

Or, what feels like a challenge to you about this? What resistance do you feel or questions do you have?