Know Your Niche! What do I mean, and why?

This is the single most important thing to know in order to get your 1st or next client, because everything--your messaging, your service or product, your confidence, knowing where and when to show up consistently--are all based on nailing your niche FIRST.

Skip this one to move on to the more “tangible” pieces, like building a website or putting together an offer, and chances are good you’ll wind up feeling like you’re failing. Know and own this, and the rest of getting clients (and making money!) becomes clear.

My niche is high-achieving, motivated entrepreneurial women who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or doubting themselves, and who desire to grow a freedom-based business so that they can create a life full of passion!

How About You?
Are you all over the place on who you can help, or are you crystal-clear on who you serve and laser-focused on how you serve them?

➡️If not, how can you hone in further, so that you know exactly who you are excited to work with? (You may want to check out my best-selling course Know Your Niche for this, and get 10% off with the coupon code "LEAVE" by clicking here.