I hear from so many in my community who say it's hard to give yourself permission to celebrate your small (or big!) wins along the way.

Why is it important, anyway?

Simple: It's important because WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS.

So, for example, if you focus on the progress you're making in your business, marking your accomplishments with celebrations, it gets easier to make more progress.

If you focus on what you haven't yet achieved, believing it's not enough because it's not X, Y, or Z, you start to see more and more examples of what you haven't yet accomplished and it creates a cycle of discouragement, getting stuck and downward spiraling :).

Your brain takes what you give your attention to, makes a note that "Oh, this is important to her, let's notice more of that," and goes out to do just that. It's not all out there and "woo woo;" it's brain science.

So, what do you want your brain to find? If it's more good things, which will inspire you to take more good, business-building action, then celebrate your progress EVERY DAY!!!

For me, celebrating can look as small as throwing a shot of raw honey in my daily organic jasmine green tea, which I usually drink straight, or as fancy as planning a big trip--with lots of other examples in between. It's all about NOTING that this is a celebration and feeling good about showing up for yourself in that way.