💕"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." -Thoreau💕

Can you look at anything--and I mean ANY-thing--and find the good in it?

It's so so true that what we CHOOSE to see in any given situation, challenge or triumph is what gives it meaning.

For instance, so many of the women I talk to have a hard time celebrating what they perceive to be little things in their business.

They think that by saving up the celebration for a "big" milestone, like a $5k month, or a first or next client, it will somehow motivate them more, or that the smaller things (like booking a call, or having warm leads, or getting visible) don't count, only the big ones do.

💥And I used to feel the same way.💥

👉But here's the thing--99.9% of being an entrepreneur is the journey itself. The milestones come, yes, but when you reach them, it's typical to move quickly on to focusing on that next big goal, that next level.

By choosing to see the progress you're making daily, and to celebrate it, however small it might feel to you, you're training your brain to enjoy the journey, and when you do that, business-building becomes infinitely easier than if you're trying to motivate yourself with pressure (which is how a lot of the world does it, and that ain't NO FUN--plus it doesn't work as well!).

So, what progress can you choose to notice and celebrate in your business TODAY?


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