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"When you were little, you believed everything -- anything-- was possible. With wide, innocent eyes and a gap-toothed smile, you loudly demanded that you be given all the same opportunities as the big people in the house, whose knees and shoes you knew well from your seat on the floor. Full of determination and desire, you believed you could do whatever you wanted, starting with actually walking across the room by yourself!

It may seem like a small thing now, but to a 13 or 14-month old toddler, it was the entire focus of your day. Until you mastered it, you were obsessed… you never quit, even though you failed, over and over again. You got right back up on your feet, unwilling to give up.

As you got older, you had dreams and goals... Big ones. You were going to be famous! Maybe you were going to be a veterinarian, or an actor, or perhaps even president. My choice was to be an astronaut… or work at McDonald’s (because I was fascinated with the ordering buttons)... or both. I’m sure my parents were thrilled with the latter.

Time passed. You got older, and either played by the rules or rebelled against them; more than likely, a bit of both, though you were probably a “good kid.” Your world was filled with “practical” voices, telling you what was expected of you. “This is the way the world works,” you were told. The young adult version of you, though still idealistic, slowly, sadly, began to believe what the voices said."

Can you relate to this? Do you feel that like me, you went through the loss of your dream on your way to finding it again (or are you somewhere on the path?)

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