When you’re building a passion-based business you have to find a way to stay on track to a particular goal. You need clarity about why you’re building this in the first place:

❤️More time with your family?
❤️More time with your animals?
❤️To surround yourself with beautiful things that inspire you?
❤️To eat healthy food?
❤️To have amazing experiences?
❤️To give back to causes that matter to you?

The business is not the end-all; it’s the vehicle or conduit to get you there. It provides you with the means and the tools to have the influence and life you want for yourself, your family, and those whom you serve, both as clients and in the many ways you’ll give back when you can, because that’s part of your character.

💕A life with passion.💕

My whys give my life meaning, which helps me THRIVE.

When you connect to your meaning, you change your outlook on life. You focus on the positive. The possibilities seem endless. Your life changes… dramatically. Because knowing WHY you are committed to your dreams and passions gives you the internal motivation and external energy to get stuff done.

In fact, connecting at a visceral level with your WHY not only transforms your today, it also transforms your future. It helps you understand why you have to put in some extra time at the beginning of launching your business, and it strengthens you when you have to deal with challenges along the way.

Reminding yourself of your WHY every day also subtly shifts your mindset. Instead of seeing perceived obstacles in your way - and trust me, there will be many - you view them as opportunities. Learn to embrace those opportunities as stepping stones, not stumbling blocks.

Is one of the things I listed above THE REASON you’re building your business? Or is it something else?


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