Monday Motivation:

Want more clients & money?

Truth because I love ya: You're probably not as visible as you think you are.

Have you heard--and really let sink in--that people need to see something 7 TIMES before they remember it?

7 times!

Add in that, not everyone sees everything you post anyway (because of algorithms, news feeds, etc.), and you've got an opportunity to be WAY more visible!

That's the good news--that this doesn't have to be hard. Doesn't have to feel weird or icky or salesy. Because when you post value consistently and make your offers consistently, your people WILL see it often enough to notice, remember you, and reach out to take advantage of your offer.

Now, I know that the word "value" can feel confusing and elusive, and I know that figuring out how to sell YOUR thing online can too. Do you have questions about how to offer it, or do you have a tip for how to provide consistent value that's worked for you!