Like most typical 7-year-olds, my passions were crystal clear. These preferences were not taught, but sought. Nature, baby, not nurture. The nurture part is what we’re looking at here.

I loved being a leader, teaching or performing for anyone who would listen to me. As the oldest of four, I often made my siblings a captive audience.

I also loved animals, and my greatest animal love was horses. I was determined to find a way to be with horses as much as possible. Unfortunately, although I was horse-crazy from a very young age, my parents just didn’t have the money to support a “horse habit.”

Around age 12, I earned money for horseback riding lessons by taking over most of the household chores. I got my mom to fire the cleaning lady so I could do all the cleaning myself. I also did pet sitting, babysitting, and odd chores like copying my Dad’s faxes onto regular paper so they wouldn’t fade.

Even after years of earning money doing odd jobs, I just couldn’t see how it would ever be possible for me to get my own horse; I kept hearing my mom’s words in my head, “That’s a king’s sport,”... so in high school and college, I stuffed down the dream.

In grad school I was required to create a Master’s thesis project, so I decided to make a documentary for the PBS station where I was a work-study student.

After years of stuffing down my “horsey dreams,” I took advantage of the opportunity to choose my own topic, and selected a local horse farm. This farm was causing a lot of fuss in the region, and I wanted to see why… while also reconnecting to horses again.

Six months later, I’d created an international award-winning documentary called… (drumroll, please…) “Life With Passion.” Yes, that’s right. This short documentary that started my adult life, later came back to inspire the name of my dream business.


How about you? What’s one thing that you loved when you were young? Or a dream that you stuffed down but you still remember?

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