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"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going." -Helen Keller

There is SO much noise in this online space about how you can go from zero to a million $$$$ in 2 months with XYZ method, product, program or course.


I'm gonna keep it real for you! An online business is STILL A BUSINESS.

Yes, it requires a lower barrier to entry than any other type of business, in any other time in history (YAY! Super-smart move!).

BUT, when you believe the hype out there about how you can go from no business to making thousands in your sleep with minimal or no effort, you're just setting yourself up for frustration and disappointment because then you feel like you're not doing something right when that doesn't happen, right?

I totally used to be guilty of believing this and using it as a way to beat myself up, until I learned...

There's ALWAYS consistent work and visibility and learning and support behind the scenes of any success story, and it's SO key to have that perspective when you are in a space where you're hearing a lot of people bragging about numbers and "overnight successes" and what's possible.

For example, yes, it's true that I replaced my income in the first month I quit my job--but I already had an existing side hustle that I expanded!

And when you dig into the full picture of anyone's success story, you'll find the same kinds of details.

Now tell me, have you ever believed the hype, too? Or what questions do you have about busting this myth?