I’d like you to take out a piece of paper and a pen (or a new document on your computer) and write out the list of your still-unfulfilled dreams. Things like:

💕Having financial freedom
💕Having time freedom
💕Traveling to all the places you’ve only seen on Pinterest
💕Making a difference
💕Feeling in control of your life
💕Working when and where you want to, even wearing what you want to wear
💕Creating a life you love, that also pays the bills

Now write down what you want to put an end to. Things such as:

💥Worrying about money
💥Punching someone else’s time clock
💥Arguing with your significant other about money and/or how you spend your time

Take a look and you’re sure to see a huge contrast between the two lists! Which one excites you? Which one energizes you? Which list would you give your life to achieve? Of course, the list of dreams, not disasters! Those dreams are worth fighting for. They’re worth investing your precious time, energy, and even money, in achieving. The dreams and passions you wrote down in that list are what make life meaningful. They give you a purpose.

I’d be so honored if you shared one of those dreams with me!

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