What he wanted most, he found a way to have.

Charles Steinmetz, one of the great scientific minds of the 20th century, who I’ve been talking about this week, loved kids and wanted his own family, but chose not to marry because the deformity that made him a dwarf with a hump in his back and an uneven gait was congenital, and he was afraid he’d pass it along.

And, as this Smithsonian article shares, it pained him deeply to see children, like the ones he wanted so much, run away in fear at the sight of him, he chose to do his work, do it well, and be open to the possibility of how family might come to him...eventually choosing to adopt and have an extended family that way.

Maybe you’re here because you know about my infertility and pregnancy loss story, or you know someone who has.

Maybe you’ve experienced that type of grief of longing for what has been elusive, whether in family or in business.

Regardless, I KNOW you’re here because you have a big business dream, one with which you desire to support yourself, your dreams, and perhaps your family and friends’, too.

Let us all take a lesson from Charles Steinmetz who created quite a legacy of not only incredible career accomplishments, but also true personal fulfillment and joy in his 58 short years (a life with passion! ;), and look for and seize opportunities to get what we most want.

Read the full story here.

Tell me, what do YOU most want? What are you pursuing with your business-building efforts? There’s no right or wrong answer!