If he can do it, so can you.

You’ve heard people say this before about themselves, right? Things like, “I’m a millionaire, but I’m just like you. If I can do it, so can you.”

Charles Steinmetz, who I introduced you to yesterday, actually LIVED this in an amazingly tangible way.

A German immigrant who was almost denied entry to the US at Ellis Island because he was a 4-foot-tall dwarf “with a hump in his back and a crooked gait,” he went on to be an extremely influential scientist.

I think often we assume that when we see super-successful people we make assumptions that they had some kind of “leg up” (to use a horse term ;)that we didn’t, or our brains just try to categorize the big differentiator for their success (they got in at the right time, are well-connected, have family money, are prettier, etc.)

What if it’s more than those things? What if it’s making the most of how we were created, strengthening our unique gifts, and not using our circumstances, physical, location, upbringing, environment, as an excuse “why not,” as Charles Steinmetz shows us?

Read the full story here.

Then tell me, what’s your biggest takeaway? Have you found yourself with excuses or playing small, or are you showing up every day making the most of what makes YOU one-of-a-kind? How did you get there?