Confession: I was an honor student, scholarship-winning class president, and most likely to achieve type for my whole young life. I had big dreams and goals, and I knew I wanted to run my own business “one day,” but I couldn’t see how to get there.

I knew that, even as a young person, my flame was slowly flickering toward extinguishment in between these momentary rushes of oxygen. So for over a decade of my adult life, I “settled.” I felt stuck.

But eventually, I learned that I didn’t have to accept the “same old, same old,” and neither do you. I learned to light the fire of that small candle of hope, give it oxygen and a place to burn, and turn my life into a blazing fire that not only fuels myself, but that gives light and energy to thousands of women just like you.


Can you relate to any of this? Which parts?

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