❣️"Be kind, for everyone you know is fighting a hard battle." -Plato❣️

This is one of my favorite quotes EVAAAAA. I had it hanging on the door of my office when I was a professor and it always reminded me and the students who saw it that you never know what's really going on with other people, what they're carrying around or going through.

I remember my first trip to the grocery store after coming home from the hospital without Maeve. I walked around in a daze, thinking to myself, these people around me have no idea that my world has just been completely turned upside down.

And then I started wondering what they were all going through, and I had a completely new set of eyes and compassion for others.

On this business-building journey, being KIND is so key! IT helps you get amazing clients, it helps you build awesome relationships with colleagues and influencers, it opens doors you never imagined.

Do you agree? Is kindness one of your core values?