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“When the mindset is strong, the strategy is simple.”💥

This is something I say to and work on with my clients all the time. But when I was getting started in business, I didn’t even know mindset was a THING, much less a critical and totally learnable element of growing a business and life you love.💕

Now it’s an absolute cornerstone of my work with high-achievers, because action is important, but it’s our default and it only takes us so far.

When your mindset is off, you tend to question everything, tell yourself you’re doing it wrong, and likely try to fix something that may not even be broken!

Here’s an example--a few days ago, I had a quiet, emotional, contemplative inside kinda day ‘round here as the rain poured down from a grey grey sky. I’d woke up in the middle of the night, sad and missing Maeve. My husband woke up the next morning excited because for the first time, he saw Maeve in a dream, something he’s been wanting ever since she left.

5 years ago, I would have told myself I just needed to push through and be productive, that checking items off my to-do list was paramount (because I believe action was the only thing directly tied to making moolah). But because now I know the ultimate importance of mindset, and how IT determines our outcomes EVEN MORE than action (WHAT? It’s true tho), even though I had plenty to do, I knew I needed to rest, reflect, and let myself feel the feelings.

That didn’t mean I did nothing, but it meant I was kind to myself, went to my coffee shop, wrote, did yoga for the first time in months, journaled, meditated, prayed, made my little family a whole foods-filled comfort meal, took a long hot shower, and ate well. It meant I let myself take things at a slower pace, cry when I felt like crying, and work as it felt good.

The result? I wrote over 2300 words (including these) in just a few hours and it felt EASY because I took the pressure off and gave myself what I needed (my clients tell me I’m really good at teaching them how to do this with their own particular situations, too ;)

Some of you may find it easy to live in the moment. Others of you, like me, may be by default driven by gettin’ stuff donnneeeee (maybe you even get a high from it? Anyone? Anyone? Just me?).

Regardless of how spontaneous or to-do list oriented you are, taking responsibility for and charge over your mindset allows you to step into your power as a co-creator and helps you to choose our thoughts and feelings rather than hanging on for the wild ride they might choose to take you on in any given day when they’re allowed to run untamed like a herd of wild animals and you’re hanging on to one of their tails for dear life.

How do mindset & action play into the way you’re building your business? Do you tend to focus more on one or the other?