When I had my first job I was making $30,000 as a professor and while that was not much I also felt like I was living large b/c it was literally 3x what I was making as a grad student (and living on loans). There, I’d figured out how to live on $10k/year + loans w/ 2 little rabbits and my first solo apt, where even then I was learning luxury on a student budget like cooking risotto and making meringue nests instead of ramen!

Coming to KY & making $30k/year and having that be enough to support me + a horse--well, it showed me what was possible, but of course I was DIY-ing it, doing it on the CHEAP.

And that’s something that served me for a time but there came a time to let go of that mentality because I wanted to have things other than hand-me-down everything, to be able to do things like take lessons and go to shows and give massive amounts away.

What stories have you had to let go of in order to reach your dreams? Have you gotten help to do it?