What the heck do you do when you KNOW you’re the one who’s holding yourself back? I’ve so been there, and so have many of my clients, and here’s what works (and what doesn’t) to move through this oh-so-common issue:

Let’s first talk about what NOT to do, and that’s what most of us high-achievers do...beat ourselves up for not being better.

Instead, CONGRATULATE yourself because now you know exactly what you need to work on to grow your business! YAY CLARITY! This awareness is actually a super-powerful thing, so WAY TO GO, YOU!!!

Because like I always say, “When the mindset is strong, the strategy is simple,” and so now, we know that the place to focus is on strengthening your mindset (rather than telling yourself that everyone has a better plan than you and going into the black hole of opting in to everyone else’s stuff or comparing yourself to everyone else or your own particular version of this ;)

Now what?

Well, ask yourself what it is that you most need to help you move past it.

👉Is it journaling it out for even just 5 minutes, to ask yourself what’s going on and see what answers you come up with?

👉Is it taking a day OFF from your business to get some fresh perspective, rest and clear your head?

👉Is it getting the support of a mentor or coach who specializes in helping you overcome self-doubt and fear, and gain confidence in yourself?

Those are a few suggestions to break you out of the cycle of pressure and stress so that you can begin to get some clarity around here, and move forward from that place!

Because what I can tell you for SURE is that your business grows quickly and in ways that feel like magic when you do what it takes to get your mindset strong and take action from that place of possibility.

How about you? Can you relate? Will you try one of the suggestions above or do you have one that YOU’VE used successfully?


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