Find yourself saying this? “I have trouble having enough time and energy for my business.”

It’s a super-common frustration, especially when we’re building our businesses on the side of full-time jobs and/or busy lives!

But, instead of telling you something like, “We all have the same number of hours in the day, so you can do it too,” (which might be encouraging or, depending on your mindset, depressing), I’d like to offer you an insight as to what might ACTUALLY be going on instead, and that is that…

You don’t know exactly what to do in your business each day to move it forward, so you have this vague feeling of “there’s not enough time or energy,” because you don’t even know exactly how much time or energy you even need!

Example #1: If I told you all you needed to do to start to grow your business was make a post on Facebook or Insta one time a day (which is actually a GREAT start and if you’re not doing it, I highly recommend that you do), and then respond to comments or messages you’ve gotten in the last 24 hours, how long does that take?

Answer: If you know what you want to say, 15 minutes, tops. However, if you don’t know what you want to say, or who you’re talking to, or how to provide value to them, or what you’re offering or HOW to offer it, then this feels like way too big of a thing to do, and it FEELS like you don’t have enough time or energy, when in reality, it’s likely just that you’re lacking clarity and confidence, both of which can be achieved really quickly when you’re strategic about them.

Example #2 that I see keeping people stuck around this topic: They don’t know when they’d actually work with (or do work for) paying clients. If you haven’t figured out where your clients are going to fit into your busy life, then guess what? They WON’T fit in, and you won’t be moving daily toward getting them.

So take a look at your calendar and decide, where would I love to have those paying clients? Which hours (whether it’s lunch time, or evenings, or weekends--and I’ve used all of these at various times when I was side-hustling, as do my clients) feels like the best place for me to complete that work?

Schedule those hours on your calendar (even if it’s just 1 per week!) and then during that hour, get visible online and/or reach out to potential clients or customers UNTIL you have someone in that spot, paying you.

Does that make sense? Is this something you find yourself saying, and if so, what questions or intentions do you have to change it? Or is it something that you USED to say, and if so, share your wisdom with us on how you moved through it!