Do you ever feel like this? “There are so many things I could do that I don't plan out what to work on and then I don't work on anything.”

This is the mindset of someone who’s overwhelmed! (Are you like, “DUH, Christine. Thanks, Captain Obvious!”?)

What do we do about it? Well, if we take a breath and take a step back from opting in to everything that looks like a shiny object (one of my clients recently made it a verb, i.e. “she’s TOTALLY shiny-objecting”), looking around at what everyone else is doing (comparison-itis / FOMO), or beating ourselves up to MAKE ourselves do something (i.e. “I SHOULD be farther along now. What’s wrong with you, Christine, why can’t you just write a freaking Facebook post already?!?”), we can recognize that these things are all rooted in FEAR, not in faith.

They’re all rooted in pressure, not possibility.

What I see OVER and OVER and OOOOOOOOOVER with my clients is that when they stop asking “What else SHOULD I be doing?” and ask, “What would be the most joyful and FUN way to my next clients?,” and act on THAT one SIMPLE answer (instead of nothing because it all feels like too much), that’s when their businesses start to flow.

It totally sounds counter-intuitive to our high-achieving, take-all-the-action-we-can brains, I know, but if you lead with fun and joy, and take simple, consistent action from that place, you get better results--meaning you replace your income (and then some) even faster than you would have by hustling, stressing, and striving. Every. Time.

Have you experienced this for yourself? Or is it a shift you want to try making?